Welcome to our Mufflex Performance Exhaust FAQ Page. Here is a list of frequently asked questions with answers.


Q: Where is Mufflex Located ?

A: Mufflex Performance is Located at 2369 Nottingham Way in Trenton, NJ 08619. We are right off of State Highway 33 and Interstate 295 Between Philadelphia and New York


Q: What Products does Mufflex Performance Handle ?

A: Mufflex Performance Installs, Flowmaster Mufflers, Spintech Mufflers, Magnaflow Mufflers as well as many other top names brands. We now stock Oval Tubing & Oval Race Mufflers and are the innovators of the Dodge Ram 1500 Custom Muffler System.


Q: Does Mufflex Performance do all of their own work on Premises ?

A: Yes Mufflex Performance does all their own work on Premises and we also do work for major garages in the area. We are a full service Muffler shop with all the latest equipment and the knowledge to do it right the first time.


Q: I Heard that a 4" System will hurt my low end performance, Is the true ?

A: No, Not only is this a false statement, but Mufflex-Performance tm found an independent study conducted by a J. Motroni in California. These findings were posted on Google.com.


Q: How Do I get a set of Installation Instructions for my Mufflex Muffler ?

A:  All installation diagrams are included with your online purchase. However, if you should misplace your instructions, All Installation instructions for all CDT Mufflers, Dodge Products and other manufacturers are located on our installation page under tech support  site and can be printed from your computer.


Q: How Much is a 4" System for my Camaro or Firebird ?

A: There are too many Camaro's and Firebird's to correctly answer that question. However, if you go to our F-Body Brochure and find the system you want, the price is right on the order page.


Q: If I have a technical question, How do I get in touch with Mufflex ?

A: The first thing you should do is contact the Mufflex Technical team via email. The email address is questions@mufflex-performance.com or, if it is a pressing question, you can contact us at ( 609 ) 890 - 0481. One of our technicians will be glad to help you.


Q: Does Mufflex just do exhaust systems on cars ?

A: No, Mufflex also does exhaust systems for All kinds of midsize trucks like the Ford Lightning and Chrysler PT Cruiser. We also do motorcycles too. We do exhaust systems for just about any car, truck or bike. And Recently we did an exhaust system for a huge generator in a residential workshop.


Q: If I were to order a custom system from Mufflex Performance Exhaust How long would it take for me to receive the system ?

A: That depends upon many factors. Type of system, Fabrication time, Distance from customer to Mufflex etc. However, you can be sure that the Mufflex Team does everything to get your particular system fabricated and shipped as soon as possible. In some cases, It is necessary for our sales team to contact the consumer before fabrication starts to ensure that the proper exhaust system is being assembled. Remember, Each system is custom fabricated and that usually takes a couple of extra days. However normal turnaround time is between 3 to 5 or 5 to 7 days.